Book Launch (10 September 2015)
Fearless Frosty

Leading marathoner Anna Frost launches picture book encouraging girls to lead empowered lives

Anna Frost, the character featured in WS Education's latest picture book, was in Singapore on 10 September to launch the book along with Chloe Chick, the founder of SisuGirls, a foundation that seeks to inspire women and girls to grow in their self-belief and conviction.

Entitled "Fearless Frosty: The Mighty Story of Mountain Runner Anna Frost", the story is written with poetic prose about the story of a New Zealander named Anna Frost who chased her dream to become a professional mountain runner.

Fearless FrostyIn the story, Anna overcomes each hindrance ranging from parental objection to enduring tough training in order to make the New Zealand team. The story charts her journey in participation at races in cities like Sydney and LA, and even up and down mountainous terrains to make it. She even states her raison d'¨ētre being fun.

Each page of this full-coloured illustrated book is sprinkled with inspirational quotes and challenges its readers both young and old to search out their dreams at all cost, to persevere, and to imbue a never-say-die attitude.

Illustrator Natalie imparting some thoughts on drawing to one of the participating children.

Some poetic quotes include:

"Whatever it is, go after it.
Find the thing that makes you fly!
Because one thing is for certain:
You'll never know unless you try."
"But it hasn't all been easy,
sometimes running can be tough.
The path is often rocky,
and the road is often rough.
But when you push through all the pain
the world will shine its light.
The greatest things will happen
to reward your long, brave fight."
"People often ask, "Why is it that you run
To me the answer is easy - I do it for fun!
I love the wind upon my fact
The feel of a mountain track
My heartbeat thumping in my ears
And never looking back"
Fearless Frosty

World Scientific Managing Director, Mr Max Phua said, "This is a unique book that both inspires as well as awakens its readers to the possibilities of chasing after one's dreams. I'm certain that with Anna Frost as their role model, women and girls alike, especially those in the Asia Pacific region, will be motivated to step into their potential!"

Held at Woods in the Books, the launch of "Fearless Frosty: The Mighty Story of Mountain Runner Anna Frost" was attended by about 25 children and their parents.

More information about the book can be found at The book will be sold at all major bookstores for S$14 for the hardcover and S$8 for the colouring paperback edition. If you would like a review copy of the book, or require any other information, please contact Ms Chin Wanying, Marketing Executive at wychin@wspc, or tel: 6466 5775 ext 243.


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